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AccuBooks 2000:
Mid-range Features at a Low-End Price

AccuBooks 2000 Box Welcome to the AccuBooks 2000 website. If you are looking for mid-range features at a low-end price AccuBooks 2000 may be the solution you are looking for.

What are some of the most important features of AccuBooks 2000?

Flexibility - AccuBooks 2000 is written in Microsoft's Visual FoxPro. This means that your data is easily accessible via Access, FoxPro and a number of other database systems.

Fast - a true 32-bit application, AccuBooks 2000 offers excellent performance.

Modular - as a modular system, AccuBooks 2000 provide just the functionality you need without having to wade through unneeded options.

Easy to use - AccuBooks 2000 offers a "multiple-document interface." This means you can have as many windows open as you like and you can instantly jump between them at any time.

Multi-tasking - with the advanced interface, you no longer have to finish one task before starting on the next. Now you can work on many things at the same time.

Proven - AccuBooks 2000 has been deployed in over 200,000 organizations around the world.

Easy Upgrade form Peachtree, QuickBooks and DacEasy - if you are using a low end system, we will BUY it back from you when you upgrade to AccuBooks 2000.

Still skeptical? Why not prove it to yourself...

Download the FREE 30-day Test Drive - the 30-day test drive is the complete, full-working AccuBooks 2000 accounting system. You can set up your own company data and transfer the data when you buy the program.

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